Every service is provided by experienced teams of professionals who will make sure your documents and letters are delivered with the care, quality, and efficiency your business deserves and expects.

Classic Linguistic Bureau Inc. offers all types of translation services for every area of the public sector. Not only do we offer services in the major world languages, but we also make sure our native translators are experienced and qualified in any requested dialect. You can rest assured that the finished document will be clear and accurate, and show the correct vocabulary and colloquialisms.

Most public-sector organizations require a broad spectrum of services to suit the wide variety of end users they need to reach. Be it a highly technical legal document from an international court, or a complex brief from our own courts explaining rulings, to a leaflet explaining how the benefits system works, you can be assured we will assign the right professional with the adequate experience and knowledge to complete each assignment to the highest standards. We ensure that all your projects are dealt with discreetly by professionals who are sensitive to the nature of the task at hand. Furthermore, we ensure that all translations are suitably localized by assigning these tasks to translators and proofreaders living and working in the country or region of the intended recipient.

Our teams of linguists have extensive translation experience in the following areas:

  • Policy documents;
  • Information packs;
  • Memos and letters;
  • Housing association leaflets;
  • Tenancy agreements;
  • Health brochures;
  • Conference material;
  • Press releases;
  • Community communications;
  • Posters and flyers;
  • Educational materials;
  • Websites

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