Movie Translation

Movie translation is more of an artistic production than technical translation. In addition to linguistic accuracy, film translation must adapt the source language script into target expressions that resonate culturally with local audiences. Whether it’s dubbing, subtitling, voiceover recording, PR or marketing translation, you can count on Classic Linguistics Bureau Inc. to meet all of your movie translation needs.

Video Game Localization

Game content localization is a unique requirement that cannot be addressed within the conventional translation model. Part of the challenge is that most professional translators are not game enthusiasts. These linguists must work on translating large quantities of technical documents on a daily basis, leaving little time for playing video games. Powered by a large social translation network that is passionate about video games, we have the right talent to translate game content with the necessary ardor.

Media Translation

Whether it’s your international news programs or the simultaneous broadcast of sporting events around the world, we have the technology and the linguistic resources to help reach global audiences with confidence. The social network-based translation technology of Classic Linguistic Bureau Inc. allows our clients to search and manage news and international commentary in 100+ languages on a global scale.

Your Global Entertainment and Language Partner

Classic Linguistic Bureau Inc. has the track record and the breadth of service to meet all of your entertainment and media translation and localization needs. Specifically, we specialize in the following services:

  • Dubbing;
  • Language translation;
  • Script translation;
  • Voiceover;
  • Subtitling;
  • Film Production;
  • 2D and 3D animation;
  • Post-production;
  • Closed captioning;
  • Simultaneous interpretation;
  • Global media search;
  • Multilingual terminology management.

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