Translation for the Auto Industry

The automobile industry is one of the potential industries that has gained from business globalization. Currently, cars of any latest models or makes are available in local markets in different locations around the world. Along with the opening up of a huge market for automobiles, the manufacturers have set up operations in different global locations so as to cater to the huge customer demand from different regions.

With the opening of operations in different global locations either for manufacturing or marketing of automobiles, the automotive industry requires translation of automotive information from the source language to the desired target language, depending on the region where the information is to be used.

Engines and systems

If the automotive manufacturing setup in a foreign location is to be considered, then the type of documents or information that requires engineering translation is mainly technical information related to automobile engines, fuel injection systems, exhaust systems. and other automotive terminologies.

For example, consider a US based automobile manufacturer that has a manufacturing unit in China. If new research on a hybrid engine done by the principals needs to be incorporated into the manufacturing unit in China, the information of the newly designed hybrid engine that runs on gas as well as electric power is forwarded to the Chinese unit.

AutoCAD, Diagrams & Specifications

This information about the hybrid engine needs to be translated from English to Mandarin by a specialist translator in automotive translation. This information consists of various diagrams, graphs, CAD/CAM designs and other technical details of the engine. We at Classic Linguistic Bureau Inc. find translators with a thorough knowledge of auto engineering along with the language skills to translate the requisite information to Mandarin with no errors.

The automotive industry today has to take care of wide variety of customers from different global locations. The automotive manufacturer needs documents and information like catalogs, user manuals, service manuals, training manuals, diagnosis manuals, technical literature, newsletter, white papers, websites, marketing materials, information etc. in the local native language of the customer.

Manuals, Guides & Technical Bulletins

Documents like diagnosis manuals and technical bulletins require automotive translators with deep academic knowledge of the subject along with the requisite language skills. Other types of information do not involve highly technical terms and are comparatively easy to translate for a specialist in automotive translation.

Professionals providing engineering translation services should have a working knowledge of certification processes like the ISO. This is mainly required because almost all of the automotive manufacturers today are ISO certified and prefer to adhere to the same standards in providing translated information.

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